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I’ve posted {a tad err haphazardly} about the redesign of our place before, but I’m thinking I’ll go through the process in a slightly less crazy-lady manner, from inspo and ‘before’ pics all the way through to the ‘afters’.  Let’s start off today with the master bedroom.

So we (my client is very understanding, he agrees with everything I say…ha) wanted to keep the space very airy and relaxing and calm – lots of whites and neutrals but amped up with tons of gorgeous natural textures: washed linens, carved and organic woods, mother of pearl, woven cottons, bamboo, leather yada yada yada…

Before I got started it had loads of potential – high ceiling, lovely-ish floorboards, oodles of light – but was unfortunately painted a particularly offensive grey/brown shade of sludge:


bedroom before

I immediately got the painters in and turned it bright white.  The shade would be too stark and cold in a more northern country (eg. Blighty), but here it really cools down the light and opens the room up, and generally does the bizness.

Anyhoo I’m getting ahead of myself already.  Here are the inspo piccies I was drawn to from the beginning – beautiful natural finishes galore!

bedroom inspiration1 bedroom inspiration2 bedroom inspiration3 bedroom inspiration4 bedroom inspiration5 bedroom inspiration6

bedroom inspiration7


What do you think…?  Do you likey or do you prefer a little more colour?


  1. I am a colour-lover naturally but I think the more neutral rooms I do love are the ones that are dripping in texture… and these my dear, do just that. I think it’ll be stunning and so excited for being able to witness the process – more please!! 😉 xxx

  2. Lilli says:

    Ciao Elly! Oh no no, I like in this way, I think natural colors are the best for the bedroom!:) The inspiration is fab! Have a lovely weekend dear, baci! xo

  3. I also want to see the result, I was sure you are going to post it here, but you did not 😀 I will go with first and the last image. And I won’t go with any crazy colors, I have learnt that white is the best choice ever. Kisses

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