Ooooooh la la {modern bergeres}

Oh I’ve been so naughty skipping my posts, I do apologise lovelies.  I’ve been bogged down working on a crayzee enormous historical notebook I have to put together on English and French interior design styles since 1660.  Yah, you read correctly.  A blooming long time.   Literally 4 weeks of my life and counting has gone into this sucker.

I’ve been working on les frenchies the last few days and have been getting a little over excited about all their trad bergere and fauteuil chairs – but updated for 2013, forget about those stinking damasks.

louis chair modern fabric1

Here’s a little round up of these beauts – leopard and ikat clearly get my votes, quelle surprise…

louis chair modern fabric7

Ooh and zebra and stripeys:

louis chair modern fabric6

And a cheeky suzani or two (all the usual suspects I know, I’m getting predictable non?!)

louis chair modern fabric5 louis chair modern fabric4 louis chair modern fabric3 louis chair modern fabric2


Most of these lovely ladies will be bespoke upholstery, but I’ve rounded up a few already-dids in case anyone’s looking for a zero hassle approach.  Which is your fave?  Do tell!

french chairs modern upholstery{Clockwise from top left: green trellis, navy blue, pinky, leopard, zebra, black ikat, blue ikat, olive green, aqua blue, leopard, malachite – yum!}



  1. Sam says:

    Hi Elly, so happy to hear from you, how have you been? Wow, sounds like an epic project but I ma sure you get to learn so much from it as well. Obsessing over the first four decor images and the first four chairs in your wonderful list. Thanks for your insightful comment, have a splendid weekend doll!

  2. Gah!! Crushing on all this fabric/chair goodness. I can’t pick a favourite, they are all so gorgeous but that black and white leopard print one makes me heart go all a’flutter! yum yum. This is from a girl who just this morning saw her newly reupholstered dining chairs and gave them a little kiss walking by (yes, my bf thinks I’m bonkers). xxx

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