Philippines appeal

Hey loves – no design post today I’m afraid, I wanted to share some information on the devastating typhoon in the Philippines.  I don’t normally write about things like this on le blog but this one is just so so bad.

I’m sure you’ve read about it in the news (see here if not) so I won’t go on about how truly dreadful the situation is, but I thought I’d share some donation links in case anyone feels like doing a good deed today:

– Philippines Red Cross (American Red Cross, British Red Cross)

– Philippines UNICEF (American UNICEF)

Tons of other options here.

It’s one of the worst typhoons ever to hit land mass, and has killed upwards of 10,000 people already.  Entire towns and cities have been wiped out and people are already getting desperate for clean water and food, there’s looting and violence going on.

To make matters even worse, in the Philippines GDP per capita is under $3,000 ($50,000+ in the States, $40,000+ in the UK).

How about foregoing that latte today and sending a little help their way?


  1. M.E says:

    What a tragic situation… Seeing all those images on the news and reading about the post- storm stories is just terrible. I’ll definitely be looking into some donation plans. thanks for sharing

  2. pitgat says:

    It’s just sad, I feel so sorry for the ones who after wrking hard all their lives lose all in a matter of seconds – and material is not the only point, they lose their beloved ones. It’s a tragedy! I will check here in the UK what is being done concerning donation, I think it’s good to share. I loved your post, life is not only “our world”, but also looking to our sides. Thanks for this post, honestly – denisesplanet com

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