Flooring conundrums

So I’ve got myself into a bit of a pickle with regards to our living room floor situation – first world problem I know, I’m not exactly losing any sleep over it.

The flooring is a fairly revolting black tile (I have a serious issue with tiled floors outside of the kitchen and bathroom, even in the tropics – just reeeeally dislike them unless they are covered by a giant mofo of a rug):

living room

{This was taken pre-moving in let me be clear, it is unrecognisable now}

Right now I’ve got it hidden under a bunch of layered IKEA jute rugs with a gorgeous vintage Beni Ouarain over the top, kinda like a ‘jute carpet’.  I didn’t want to splash out on a custom jute rug as this is only a rental and that would be crayzee, but the grouping of smaller ones is not working as well as I’d hoped.  So I’m rethinking and wondering if I should overlap the jutes to make them a smidge smaller, so that there’s a thick black border around the edges of the room.

Every interiors blogger and their dog posted this feature from Lonny last year – it’s the Copenhagen home of the couple behind Day Birger et Mikkelsen, and it is making me think I should perhaps go for the black option.

Such a gorgeous space, that parquet floorboard action!

lonny1 lonny2

I’m actually using a pretty similar colour palette of neutrals, but with brass, indigo and duck egg accents.  Duck egg + black = nicht so gut.

lonny3 lonny4 lonny5 lonny6 lonny7 lonny8 lonny9{credits}

Insanely beautiful no?!

Crumbs it’s a difficult decision…  I need to make the call in the next couple of days as we have a friend staying right now and will need at least three peeps to lift up our heaviest-dining-table-in-the-world.  Tricksy tricksy tricksy.

Have a happy weekend loves, sorry for the errrr monologue.


  1. Sam says:

    Hi Elly, how have you been hun. Your living space looks really great, modern and chic. And with the flooring, I am certain its going to look even better. I am really drawn to those black floorboards, so dramatic! Have an awesome weekend!

  2. I say embrace a bit of that darkness and let it show. Ok, so it’s not parquet flooring like in your example (holy heck that is some gorgeousness going on there) but I always think black really grounds a space and gives it a bit of sex appeal. Neutrals+indigo+black+brass sounds amazing, maybe instead of duck-egg go with a turquoise? I always loved a combo of blues in the same space. I think it’s time you start giving some sneak peeks of your space, Missus!!! 😉 xxx

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