Those Romans knew what they were doing…

…if wiki.answers is to be believed anyway.

Err sorry digression.  So I’m in the last few weeks of studying now, and have been polishing off a bunch of notebooks I have to put together.  One of them is on everything you could ever possibly need to know in the entire universe about curtains, blinds and bed treatments, so I have been spending a lot of time oogling (and writing about in excruciating detail) some seriously gorgeous examples.

I’d never really had much time for Roman shades but have to say I’m now a bit of a convert.  Giving the same soft and warm feeling to a scheme that curtains do, they are also just as versatile and are an easy way to add a pop of colour or print to a space.  Ummm…ikats and suzanis are my faves obvs, but am also all over some trellis, chinoiserie and Greek key.  Not to mention the glam beauts too.

Check ’em out and tell me you don’t agree!

interior design roman blinds1 interior design roman blinds2 interior design roman blinds3

Still slightly obsessing over these malachite beauts – see here for more!

interior design roman blinds4 interior design roman blinds5 interior design roman blinds6 interior design roman blinds7

And lastly some glam sophisticated puppies – I’ve been loving this droopy one (technical term) on the RHS here loooong time:

interior design roman blinds8 interior design roman blinds9 interior design roman blinds10



  1. Sam says:

    I actually really like Roman blinds, I have had them before and will probably choose them again, they are really convenient and easy to manoeuvre, also you can let as little or as much light come in as you please. Loving the inspiration ideas you have put up, the chevron, pastel, green and last blue one is wonderful!I appreciate your visit, have a great Friday!

  2. Lilli says:

    Ciao Elly! Seems you are having a hectic time! Btw, love Roman blinds too, even though never had at my place, I often stayed where they were. I think they give more light and taste to the room, your inspiration is flawless, I like the first room!:) Have a lovely weekend dear, baci! xo

  3. Love how tailored they are (even the droopy ones seem to have just that classy dishevelled look about them, no?). I’ve wanted one in my dining room for like ever but haven’t gotten around to it yet. Your post is making me think I need to get on that.


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