Marvellous malachite – part 1

So…let’s talk malachite.

I’ve been loving agate looooong time now (see here), but malachite may just have usurped it in my affections:

interior design malachite1

Pipped it to the post.  I mean look at it.  Seriously.

interior design malachite2

There’s something about the natural swirls and bright emeralds that gets me every time, and it looks particularly smasheroo with brass.

interior design malachite3 interior design malachite4 interior design malachite5

Look how pleased this bird is with her fancypants ceiling:

interior design malachite6

Don’t blame her though, it’s awesome.  Bravo Ms Designer.

Also gorgeous as upholstery – this goldy bamboo style chair is making me a little weak at the knees:

interior design malachite7


Make sure you stop by tomorrow for some shopping!


  1. Sam says:

    Ah wow, so thats what this is called – malachite, it used to be very popular here with tourists, carved into jewellery, chess sets and all sorts of ornaments but i have never seen used in home decor before, Pretty fabulous I say!! Hope you’re well sweety, how are the projects going?

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