Cute as a button nurseries – part 2

Welcome back for part two loves.

So my wise Mum has had a word and it turns out that while all-white nurseries are very very pretty, they are in fact not the best for the babs.  Which is annoying.  I guess on balance I probably care more about babies’ brain development than err aesthetics so here are a few ideas for a more colourful space.  It was a close call though…kidding.

[With apols to any owners of all-white nurseries, I ain’t no expert clearly, just passing on what I’ve been told by Caribbean Living Senior].

interior design colourful nurseries1

Love love loving these pinky peachy giant poms on the LHS here:

interior design colourful nurseries2 interior design colourful nurseries3 interior design colourful nurseries4 interior design colourful nurseries5 interior design colourful nurseries6 interior design colourful nurseries7

interior design colourful nurseries8

I’ve always loved this, good old Roald:

interior design colourful nurseries10


And here’s the good stuff – smidge random perhaps, this is for the well-travelled baby with exotic tastes in lighting fixtures, ha:

interior design colourful ethnic nursery

{from top left: Vietnamese lanterns, tassel garland, curtains, crib, crib sheets, dhurrie, rocking chair, sleeper, giraffe rocker}

So…brain function aside, which would you go for?  Have a happy weekend!


  1. Alistair says:

    Some smashing bunting but still not sure this would qualify as a nursery… Where are the dens and toys and mess and hiding places??

  2. Sarah says:

    The elephant mobile is so cute, I will have to look on etsy for something similar with a woodland theme…. And where did that green leafy rocking chair come from? Exactly what I am looking for. Thanks!

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