Cute as a button nurseries – part 1

Some good friends of ours have recently had the amazing news that they are expecting a little bub.  We are soooo delighted for them, and I have been asked to put together some ideas for nursery inspo and sourcing.  So here you go peeps!

I’ve posted up this beauty twice in the last fortnight already, but ya know I loves it:

interior design white nursery1

But I am also head over heels still for this colourful puppy:

interior design white nursery2

interior design white nursery3

So I figured I’d take a look and the pale and interestings today, and then the more vibrant options tomorrow.

So here are my fave neutral nurseries:

interior design white nursery4 interior design white nursery5 interior design white nursery6 interior design white nursery7 interior design white nursery8 interior design white nursery9


While we are not planning on mini Macs any time soon, I am massively excited about the prospect of having an excuse to do more selfie-design.  I think that means I’m not ready for kids yet, right?!  The fact I’m more psyched about the decor than the baby…?

Anyhoo so here’s my take on it – nothing here is terribly groundbreaking I am aware (white Moroccan pouf? check.  sheepskin rug? check.) but there’s a reason why they’re so popular folks…  Oh yah and this is very States-centric as our buddies are living over there right now, apols rest-of-the-world.

interior design white blue nursery

{clockwise from top left: oversize rattan pendant, crib sheet, crib, storage baskets, changing table, whale mobile, sheepskin – try IKEA for a more economical version, sisal rug, sleeper, Moroccan pouf, herringbone throw, cloud art}

Thoughts…?  You likey the whitey or do you think more colour is necessary?  Stop by tomorrow if yup!


  1. Mum says:

    The baby will get snow-blindness! Babies need some visual stimulation – there has been lots of work done on what colours they can recognise at which stage of development of their eyes.

    I recommend a rocking chair.

  2. Rachel says:

    Disaster – this has made me instantly broody!! I love these nursery pics but I think I’d go for a bit more colour, myself. The colourful one at the start looks perfect. Bring on the colours tomorrow…

  3. Alistair says:

    I love your ambition… Our living room isn’t even that tidy (let alone your office). What do you think a mini-Hails’s nursery would end up like?!

  4. Sam says:

    This is going to be an exciting project! As much as I love the elegant all white nurseries, there is something about the mint and pink one that stands out with its beautiful charm and uniqueness. Great inspiration! Thanks for your great comment, Happy Friday hun!

  5. Sarah says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! Although a baby in a white room could be asking for disaster?!!! I think I am going for light green with an etsy woodland animal set of wall stickers complete with little row of mushrooms along the skirting board and owl in the tree….that is if we manage to get the renovations done before the little baba arrives : ) Loving the simple white cribs tho…got to track one down.

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