Inspired by…Borgen

Have you guys seen the Danish show Borgen?  I don’t watch much telly but I’ve lately been getting a much needed Euro Fix from this series, love it.  Both badass Birgitte and the seriously super duper large amount of stunning Scandi design are floating my boat, specifically the insaaaaane Artichoke light paired with trad elaborate ceiling rose in said badass’ office.

It is reason enough in itself to watch two series worth, let alone the Euro vibe and those good lookin’ Danes.  Oh and the plot.  Haha.  Guess that’s kinda important too, but clearly not necessarily what I look for in a TV show.

borgen artichoke light2

These are the best pics I could find – spent five mins looking for a shot with the ceiling moldings but quickly realised my time could be spent in many many thousands of more productive ways.

borgen artichoke light3

{credits – 1 / 2}

Gorgeous no?!  I’ve been on a bit of a trad rose/contemporary pendant bender for a while now actually.  If you are lucky enough to have the yep-entirely-necessary high ceilings and  traditional interior architecture for these bad boys (‘ceiling medallions’ to any Yanks out there), then please do me a favour and install one of these beauties.

First up a couple more Artichoke shots (see here for more of these cheeky chaps):

interior design ceiling rose with contemporary light1

Or how about Tom Dixon’s Copper Shade (clicky here for more……..):

interior design ceiling rose with contemporary light2

Couple of {sort of} sputniks – these are my personal fave combo I think:

interior design ceiling rose with contemporary light3

Or how about an oversize paper dome?

interior design ceiling rose with contemporary light4

A super minimalist industrial look works really well also, but I wouldn’t opt for this myself:

interior design ceiling rose with contemporary light5

And lastly a few randomos, I am ALL ABOUT the last brass/cotton (??!) puppy, absolutely divine.

interior design ceiling rose with contemporary light6 interior design ceiling rose with contemporary light7 interior design ceiling rose with contemporary light8 interior design ceiling rose with contemporary light9 interior design ceiling rose with contemporary light10



  1. Alistair says:

    Ah these pics do make me miss the traditional architecture of London so much! I am a big fan or the lights / ceiling combo, though less so of the weird ones!

  2. Lilli says:

    Ciao Elly! Unfortunately I dont watch that show but I can tell you that the artichoke lamp paired with the ceiling is truly impressive, give a strong mood to the room and almost makes me feel in awe. I’d definitely prefer the copper and brass lights, the ones you shared are very inspiring! Have a good day dear, how exciting you lived in Barcelona, you know I left my heart there, fell in love with the city soooo much and I just cant wait to have again the chance to be back!:) Baci cara!

  3. Great post Elly! I’m so glad you are featuring Scandi interiors! The Artichoke lamp is absolutely gorgeous and goes very well in many different settings. It is so under-stated, yet eye-catching. I like your other picks, too. Particularly the wall lights are great. Do you know where they are from?

    • Elly says:

      Hey Kristiina! Thank you, glad you likey. Do you mean the kinda frightening looking black sculptural ones in that nursery? They are I think replicas of the Serge Mouille wall sconce – very on trend right now actually, should really do a post on them hmm… Check back again next week!

  4. Sam says:

    Ohhh thats what they are called, Artichoke lights! I get it now, lol, love the modern look of them. The oversized domes are pretty awesome as well. Adore the crystal one and also the fringed one pictured last, it has the most wonderful texture.I appreciate you stopping by Elly…have a great Friday!

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