Singapore inspiration – air plants a go-go

So although I appreciate this makes me sound approximately 103 years old, I happen to have a bit of a thang for the Botanical Gardens here in Singapore.  The Orchid Garden is just bananas good, but the whole place actually is a gorgeous respite from the heat and bustle of the city.  We were there recently with the fam, and discovered a greenhouse I’d never seen before, the McNeice Bromeliad Collection.

mcneice bromeliad collection1

It’s full of crazy alien-like air plants (aka bromeliads and tillandsias):

mcneice bromeliad collection2

See the ones hanging up top with no soil or anything – felt like one of them was going to jump on my head and eat it.  I may or may not have been watching too many sci-fi movies lately.

mcneice bromeliad collection3 mcneice bromeliad collection4 mcneice bromeliad collection5

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Weird yet strangely intriguing, no?

I know air plants are a bit of a fad right now and I suspect it might die down sooner than some, but I have to say I am fully ensconced on le bandwagon with this one, absolutely love these for a whimsical touch to a room.

Here are my faves…(some succulents in here also, you know I’m a sucker for succulents).

air plant interior design1

Loving this idea for a powder room, although not sure how functional it would be…

air plant interior design5 air plant interior design7

AMAZING on a roof deck or terrace, or even in front of a window actually – love!

air plant interior design9

All of these hanging pots/terrariums are pretty much the cat’s pyjamas:

air plants interior design2 air plants interior design3 air plants interior design4 air plants interior design5.5 air plants interior design6

And they’re also pretty cute in event design!

air plants interior design10


It’s the Grand Prix here in Singers this weekend so I need go get 3 days of work done in the next 8 hours…yikes.  We’ve never been to one before, am pretty psyched to see it – full report next week.

What are you up to for the weekend loves, and what do you think of these ‘ere greenies?  Do tell!


  1. Lilli says:

    What a place! I wish I was there, looks magical and dreamy! Love plants, I think they give a nice touch not only outdoor but even in a room. The important is always have care about them and let they grow up health. Have fun at the Grand Prix, wait your report then! Ciao Elly, enjoy the weekend! xo

  2. Sam says:

    I have never seen anything like those uber cool alien plants! Wow. I love the idea of the glass vases that are suspended, adds a wonderful charm and great interest to a room. Enjoy the Gran Prix hun!! Thanks for your kind words.

  3. ally says:

    I love your ideas … very inspiring, thank you! Do you know what the small tear drop and round glass containers with openings in the side are called and where I may be able to find some for my home. I am in Sydney, Australia.



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