What I have been up to…(project 6.2)

So I figured I should post up some pics of my latest project as an excuse for my general levels of hooky-playing with this ‘ere bloggy.  There’s only one more of these suckers to go and then I’ll be back online like a pigeon on a chip.

Ladies and gents, may I present to you a London loft space designed in a gender-neutral, relaxed and comfortable style, but with a bunch of gorgeous dramatic pieces to stop it getting yawntastic: a ruddy beautiful Ochre chandy, a badass vertical garden, a couple of contemporary fireplaces and one beaut of a canopy bed.  I would quite like to move in (and splurge ikat all over the shop…).

So first up, les technicals – YES Sketchup Pro, I finally triumphed, you little pipsqueak (lots of swearing went on in Casa Mac while teaching myself this programme.  Lots and lots).

Elly MacDonald Design - black and whites1 Elly MacDonald Design - black and whites2

The concepts – ugh I hate doing these, my brain does not work in this way:

Elly MacDonald Design - concept boards1

Boring-but-necessary booklets:

Elly MacDonald Design - info booklets

The sampleboards – love me a good sampleboard (and a Platner side table for that matter):

Elly MacDonald Design - sample boards1 Elly MacDonald Design - sample boards2

And last up the rendered goodies – I’m learning that these take a massively deceptive amount of time to do, maybe fourteen years of my life has been taken up with these mofos:

Elly MacDonald Design - technical drawings1 Elly MacDonald Design - technical drawings2

{credits: Elly MacDonald Design}


  1. OMG, this looks amazing!! Everything looks soo neat and professional! How long did you do this project? How did you do your renderings ? – they are super cool (that’s what I am struggling with now). Good luck with it! (I am sure you will get the best marks, though)))

    • Elly says:

      Ah thank you! Took me a long long time as I worked on it on and off, doing other projects at the same time. For the renderings I just read the guides KLC have online and then practiced a TONNE, and eventually they turned out ok! Really recommend the Letraset/Tria marker pens, and a good white pencil. Good luck!!

  2. Lilli says:

    Hi Elly! I am seriously so impressed by your project. Congrats dear, you did an amazing job! You must have put a huge effort on it so you have all my admiration!:) It looks stunning and would love to move there too!:) Good luck with the next one, sure you will do another awesome work!:) Have a great weekend dear, baci! xo

  3. Sam says:

    Amazing Elly!! You are so talented, this is a lot of hard work and effort, no wonder you were so busy, the sketches came out superbly, you are a Pro! Love the look of the lounge area, so elegant. I hope your designs end up in a Elle Decor or any other Home magazine soon! Hope you have a wonderfully relaxing weekend!

  4. Alistair says:

    Magnificent indeed my dear! I’m very proud of you, it’s an amazing project now that it’s finished. Thank God it’s over though..! Nice looking table it’s all resting on too.

    • Elly says:

      Hey Jenny, oh thank you that’s sweet of you! I’d really recommend the course, you should go for it. Hmm, not sure about pre-course practicing, it’s pretty all encompassing once you start. You could start figuring out your design style etc. though, I found mine evolved quite far quite fast. All good fun though!

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