Mid-week masterpiece

Morning loves, how’s the week going??  My penultimate project is done and dusted I am extremely over le moon to say, just one more to go now – I shall be back here every day with my slightly incoherent ramblings in no time.

Anyhoo so I stumbled across the latest of Kelly Wearstler’s insane (in a good way) creations over the weekend: the Manhattan apartment of Cameron Diaz.  It’s good.  It’s blooming good.

cameron diaz home1So much brass I don’t know what to do, combined with gorgeous saturated colour, fabulous light fittings and insane upholstery.  BANANAS.

cameron diaz home2

Please note the brass – amazing:

cameron diaz home3

Please note the brass – AMAZING:

cameron diaz home4And some more – crazy awesome ceiling treatment:

cameron diaz home5

Brass hardware, yum:

cameron diaz home6

More brass on the ceiling, and that bed!!!

cameron diaz home7Is that a brass shower screen and sink insert??!  I can’t take it anymore!!!   Might buy a can of spray paint today and go crazy at our place…  Not quite the same though, no?

cameron diaz home8


Phew, smidge exhausted after all that excitement.

I wrote about the crazy-talented Ms W a few years back after out trip to The Tides in Miamiiii, but here are a few of her new designs that I haven’t gawped over previously.  A lot of them are more bold than I would go for myself, but so so inspirational, every single one of them.

kelly wearstler1 kelly wearstler2 kelly wearstler3 kelly wearstler4 kelly wearstler5 kelly wearstler6 kelly wearstler7 kelly wearstler8


Alrighty, feeling inspired to tackle this bugger of a project, wish me luck por fav…


  1. Lilli says:

    Ciao Elly! I’m just drooling over her work, the apt of Cameron Diaz looks so insane indeed, I would not mind if Ms W woul decor also mine!:) I like the mix of styles, the brass and especially the bedroom. Seems she is inspired by Orient and travels, is an interesting and amazing interior. Good luck with the project dear! Baci! xo

  2. Sam says:

    This women is so inspiring, and her work is incredible, love the first lounge and bedroom, i could live there (I wish!) her use of intricate details is divine! The outdoor pool lounge is amazing, better than some indoor lounges! lol. Thanks for your visit dear!

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