Sizzling in Shanghai

So I’ve finally sorted through some of our holiday snappies, to give you a little tour around the JIA Shanghai this morning.  A gorgeous gorgeous little boutique hotel on Nanjing Road, I would really highly recommend a stay here if you’re ever Shanghai-bound.  We arrived in the middle of a summer heatwave (which to be fair was only about half a degree hotter than a Singers August), and it was such a lovely space to arrive back to after a hot day of sightseeing.

Andre Fu of AFSO Designs is responsible for this stonking lobby area (see here for more of his handiwork) – you enter through an unassuming door on a side street into a fabulous birdcage-filled, OTT wallpaper-surrounded lift area which takes you up to the main reception.  LOVE:

JIA Shanghai1

Our suite was furnished in a gorgeous eclectic mixture of quite masculine tones and shapes.  I was loving the natural marble in the kitchen nook, obvs.

Melbourne-based BURO Architects designed all the suites and rooms – must take a gander at their portfolio when I get a spare sec.

JIA Shanghai2

No natural light in the bedroom and bathroom meant it was tricksy to get decent pics, but these fabulous fun paper pendants helped matters…

JIA Shanghai3

It was one of the most interesting bathrooms I’ve seen in a while actually – the interplay of heavily veined marble and gold mosaic tiles was pretty rad, and I love me a good bathroom light fixture!

JIA Shanghai4

Back to Andre Fu now I think.

These two cheeky chappies in the reception kinda freaked me out a little…pretty cool though no?  Oh ha, please excuse my crusty traveller rucksack, should have moved that.  I’m not a massive fan of purples and reds in interiors, think they are often very jarring, but in a commercial setting they look the business.

JIA Shanghai5 JIA Shanghai6

And lastly is the restaurant/bar area, Issimo, designed by Hong Kong-based Darryl Goveas of Pure Creative International.  It has a very different vibe to the rest of the hotel full of rustic wood, (AGAIN) grey veined marble, plaid accents and more Tom Dixon Copper Shade light fittings than you can shake a stick at.  LOVE!

JIA Shanghai7 JIA Shanghai8

{credits – moi}

I have to say the service was not the best, the reception staff definitely let the place down quite a bit, but design-wise it really was the bee’s knees.  Ooh and the brekkas, they were excellent too.  Go stay!

{This is a sponsored post, but all opinions and moaning herein are my own}


  1. Gah! I am in total love with your suit – the decor scheme is just gorgeous. I’m not usually a fan of super dark colors, but this just looks perfect – very urban and sophisticated. And the bar/restaurant…le sigh! I’m so glad you had a fab stay lady! 🙂

  2. Sam says:

    Hi Elly, love the beautiful charm of this hotel, the decor is fantastic. I can’t get over the teddy bears, don’t know if I love them or a little intimidated by them, they are super cute though, maybe in a different surroundings?Thanks for sharing your style perspective on the VMA’s with me.

  3. pitgat says:

    I love decoration, and so, I loved this post! I even got inspiration from one of the pictures, for my new bedroom! Today I learned something great! A friend called me and we were talking about hotels and stars – and she said “go to a 5 star-hotel and you will have 6 stars” – I didn’t understand that and she said “you are the 6th one!” That was so sweet! So I pass that to you! You are a star there! denisesplanet com

  4. Lilli says:

    Ciao Elly! So nice to see some snaps from your stay in Shanghai! Such a cool place must be, I want to visit it too one day!:) The hotel looks interesting, the design is so original and cool, sorry for the service, but I can imagine how much good the breakfast was there, you know one of the things I love most being in a hotel is just that!:P Have a great week ahead dear, baci! xo

  5. Alexis Grace says:

    This hotel looks fantastic. Admittedly I am a little bit of a hotel snob (my husband, my father and I all work in the industry), so I am always taking note when someone comes across a great find!

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