Colour inspo: indigo and gold

Indigo and gold is one of my all time FAVE colour combos.  Naturally I am attracted to le bling, but I am also totally head over heels for the contrast it achieves with a deep rich luxury navy.  It can be a really traditional look but me no likey so I’ve found some fun contemporary styling for you lovelies today.  Let me know what you think of this combo!

Clearly I had to include an old door.  When will this obsession stop?!  Will Alistair come home one day to an apartment full of old rusty, carved and colourful doors?  We shall see.

navy and gold interior design1 navy and gold interior design2

Pretty amazeballs chinoiserie situation going on here:

navy and gold interior design3 navy and gold interior design4 navy and gold interior design5

And I am going slightly gaga for these brass/gold frames set against an opulent indigo wall – yum!

navy and gold interior design6 navy and gold interior design7 navy and gold interior design8 navy and gold interior design9


Delish, no?


  1. I love this colour combo! Generally, navy blue and dark teal are my two favourite colours. I like when indigo is complimented with gold as it gives it the necessary warmth. I would probably use golden picture frames, lighting, decorative objects, but the wallpaper with gilded pattern from you gallery is fabulous too!

  2. Lilli says:

    Ciao Elly! Love indigo and gold together too, is one of the most gorgeous colors combo indeed, would love to get a pair of pants tapestry printed with these 2 tones. You made me drooling over your finds, the old door is so impressive! Kisses dear, have a lovely day! xo

  3. I really really love this combination!! It’s so elegant. I keep thinking about repainting my dining room a deep navy – and this is just convincing me I need to pull a finger out and do it already.

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