Sorry it’s not my fault!

We’re back from the deepest darkest depths of China, having survived the loooongest train journey of all time, landslide danger and packaged junk food chicken feet…

Pics to follow later in the week, but I wanted to apologise dear readers for my total lack of posts lately.  I wanted to blog a little from China but managed to forget that they totally censor the crap out of the internet over there, so you literally cannot even access WordPress.  Oopsy.

crazy busy


Anyhoo, this is what I look like today, back to normal tomorrow, promise.



  1. Alexis Grace says:

    Welcome back! I hope you enjoyed your adventure… as for your internet challenges, I recommend a VPN! I have one and it allows me to access US specific sites (eg Hulu!) even here in Singapore 🙂

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