Ode to bougainvillea

It’s official: our terrace here in Singers is starting to look the business.  After buying a bunch of plants that arrived as little diddy sprigs, we now have a lot of fully fledged and fast-growing mo fos, that are going to take over upstairs sooner or later…  We’re spending a lot of time up there in our little haven of peace and quiet away from the city noise, with birds and butterflies all over the place.

So I thought today I would give the beaut that is bougainvillea some lovin’.  We first came across this stunner years ago in the Caribbean but I’m still a total sucker for it hook, line and sinker:


We have a small army of the whiteys that le hubs is doing a very good job of whipping into shape – never would have guessed at his secret gardening talents but apparently there is a secateur-wielding 50 year old inside us all.

A few more gorgeous sunny Friday inspo pics for you lovelies {warning: this might make you want to go on holiday}:

bougainvillea1 bougainvillea2 bougainvillea3 bougainvillea4


We’re off to China today for 10 days {where I don’t think bougainvillea exists, too much smog – ha, no kidding} {sort of} – excited but also a smidge nervous as our Mandarin is not exactly top notch (read: pretty much does not exist even remotely).  Will move to a revised having-fun hols schedule for posting but make sure you stop by next week, there are some corkers lined up!

Have a happy weekend loves – what are you up to, do tell?


  1. Love bougainvillea!! Those photoes you shared are stunning. Please post the pictures of your terrace too – it is interesting how these amazing flowers looking in actual place. I would love to have some plants on my balcony too (it is huge and empty at the moment) but scared to place them as it is too windy. Have wonderful time in China!

  2. This inspiration peaces really make me want to escape my office right away! Well, I have to wait one more week and then vacation! Hope you enjoy and do the best of your Chinese vacation, Elly! :*

  3. pitgat says:

    The flowers look amazing! I love flowers! Though I am not good in gardening, I love gardens! Yes, you are right, I am officially having holidays, but your pictures are inspiring! Hope you enjoy your trip to China very much! denisesplanet com

  4. Sam says:

    Isnt it just the best when all your hard work (well a little effort at least) in planting something finally comes to life! Love this plant/flower, it has a striking impact and is so instantly recognizable. I like that its something we see here in SA, to Spain and Greece and all around the world! Stopping by to wish you a wonderful weekend! May it bring you many smiles 🙂

  5. Oooh swoony swoon swoon!!! So beautiful and I want to see the balcony!! Don’t you be teasing me like that and the running off on holibobs. The nerve. 😉 Have a lovely time! xxx

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