I ain’t no Picasso…

So I’m at the stage of my current project where I need to render all of my technical drawings/sketches/bed treatment boards etc etc etc.

Up to this part of the project lifecycle I am, if I do say so myself, the shizzle, but here is where it all goes a smidge haywire.  I’m great at the plans and elevations on le computador but when it comes to showing any form of hand drawing/rendering capability I am pretty much the equivalent of a 6 year old.  There has been a lot of swearing going on over the last few days in Casa Mac, I can tell you that for free.

So in a bid to make myself feel even more dejected ha, I just found these absolutely gorgeous abstract paintings by Etsy seller Maria Kitano, and might stall for another half hour or so trying to decide which my fave is.  I love them all:

maria kitano1 maria kitano2 maria kitano3 maria kitano4 maria kitano5 maria kitano6



  1. Sam says:

    Hi sweety, all the best with the drawings, I am certain they will come out brilliantly! Don’t be so hard on yourself, you are so talented! Love these painting, they are something I would prefer investing in over stills and landscapes. Love the melding of colours and abstract designs

  2. Ever since I entered my Dutch teacher house and see two big modern (like these ones) paintings in fuchsia, green and white by a Romanian young painter I lately met, I thought about one, Elly! I would say the second one,that yellow matches my living room. I am sure your drawings are amazing 🙂

  3. Lilli says:

    Ciao Elly! These paintings are just amazing, actually I didnt realize I love abstract objects. I can read a deep freedom feeling on them and feeling very inspired. The last two are my fav, love the tecnique and the colors, wish I was good on painting as well!:) Btw, fingers crossed for your project, I can imagine how you feel! Kisses and have a lovely day dear! xo

  4. Oh these are stunning – love the colours and how delicate the colour blending is! Fabulous finds my dear and good luck with the drawings! We’re always our worst critic, I’ve no doubt you’ll nail it 😉 xxx

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