Monday’s Masterpiece – more glam luxed up neutrals

Today’s dose of pretty comes courtesy of Nam Dang-Mitchell, a Calgary-based interior designer known for her textural glam take on neutral spaces.  I am, unsurprisingly, rather enamoured with pretty much every single room here.

Let’s start off with her own home, featured in House & Home magazine.  Stone, grasscloth, golds/brass, antiques, tufted upholstery and ikats all combine to stunning effect, not to mention the fluffy stool in the living room – gotta get me a fluffy stool…

Take a peek and let me know what you think!

HouseandHome1 HouseandHome2 HouseandHome3 HouseandHome4

And how incredible are these little people rooms?!  What I would have done for a canopy bed like that when I was small.  Wait a sec, still would actually…



And here are some other goodies from Nam’s portfolio.  YUM.

nam dang mitchell1 nam dang mitchell2 nam dang mitchell3 nam dang mitchell4 nam dang mitchell5 nam dang mitchell6 nam dang mitchell7 nam dang mitchell8 nam dang mitchell9 nam dang mitchell10 nam dang mitchell11 nam dang mitchell12 nam dang mitchell13 nam dang mitchell14 nam dang mitchell15 nam dang mitchell16



  1. Alistair says:

    Some great designs but that’s a terrible fluffy stool!! And I suspect that had you been blessed with such a lovely bedroom when you were small it would very quickly have looked very different from the ones pictured..!

  2. Lilli says:

    Ciao Elly! I’m so in love with her taste! She has an incredible classy one, I am pretty stunned by her home, would love to live in a place as that! The kitchen is amazing! Also the other decors from her portfolio are dreamy, I also dream a canopy bed ad that one! Kisses dear, have a great week! xo

  3. pitgat says:

    In fact, I loved all the pictures, such an aura of elegance, but I agree with you – what one would do for that canopy bed, so lovely! denisesplanet com

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