Nautical swooning

So my new General Life Hero Gwynnie wrote last week about an incredible trip she took on the Indonesian Silolona sailboat.  The images literally took my breath away, not only of the insaaaaanely well designed boat, but also the gorgeous coastlines and sunsets it cruises around.

Feast your peepers:



silolona3 silolona4 silolona5 silolona6 silolona7 silolona8 silolona9


Tell me your jaw is not on the floor?!  Sadly not within our grasp anytime soon I suspect, but a trip to Indo is certainly on the cards!

And in case you want to get your boat on, here are a few delectable nautical goodies handpicked by yours truly.  You are welcome.

nautical interior design

{clockwise from top left: ocean photo / rope and wood lantern / rope lamp / espadrilles / rope doorstopper / nautical placemats / rope rug}

Beware though, there is alotta lotta heinous beach-themed ‘decor’ out there, a lot of it residing in our former stomping grounds in Cayman, including this monstrosity:


And this (sequinned) one:


And this one:


Aaargh, somebody make me stop, my eyes are hurting…


    • Elly says:

      On this blog there will never EVER be a porcelain fish with lipstick, even as a comedy pick. Hells no, I’ve seen a lifetime’s worth already in Cayman…

  1. Lilli says:

    Ciao Elly! Lol, it was what I was writing you, my jaws are on the floor now! I dream a vacation like that now so bad!:) It is pure bliss for my eyes as well! Your finds are perfect, the striped wedges are utterly adorable, love the nautical style! The sequinned cushion is so cut! Kisses dear, happy Wed! xo

  2. Sam says:

    Wait…hold on…this is a boat? A boat! Oh wow, I am completely awe-stuck, what a beautiful and luxurious floating hotel, and such a unique idea for a vacation. I am having the travel itches now, Love the nautical themed picks.

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