An ikat-ty [of course] picnic

There is nothing better in the summer sunshine than a long lazy picnic.  Preferably with a cold bottle of (Spanish) bubbles and some M&S foodhall goodies (dangnammit I miss Marks & Sparks!).

I think this weekend might have to feature some kind of picnic action, that looks a little like this…

ikat picnic

{clockwise from top left: ikat blanket, picnic basket, baguette, cava, glass – yeh yeh I know I used these last week too, am a smidge obsessed with them right now…, salad, ikat napkin, throw pillows, lanterns}


  1. Alistair says:

    A miserable baguette and salad does not constitute a picnic. Where is the pate, the anchovies, the pies, the MEAT??!

  2. Lilli says:

    Ciao Elly! Love summer picnics too! You just made me want to make one!:D I need some inspiration so, for sure will bring a long baguette and lots of fruit!:) Kisses dear, have a lovely day! xo

  3. Sam says:

    I wish someone would invite me to a stylish picnic like the one you have beautifully brought to life here. Throw pillows I love! Thanks so much for your great advice, it was so helpful. Happy Friday doll!

  4. Yes, the champagne, the baguette and the lovely details you’ve prepared here for us, Elly! I discovered the picnic only this year and I think it is a great activity. Kisses and have a lovely picnic!

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