That uggers black box

Have you ever noticed an ugly big fat TV ruining an otherwise bootiful interior design scheme in a glossy mag or shiny blog?!  Thought not.  There is not a single more offensive item that has to be included in the home, unless you happen to like these.  In which case you are not welcome around these parts, ha.  Just kidding, everyone is welcome, come on in and join the fun.

It’s something that really gets me in a tizzy, trying to figure out the best way to disguise or hide these beasts.  In our current rental we have a great big ugly laminate ‘wood’ media wall that incorporates a little TV niche, so the small-ugly is kinda camouflaged by the big-ugly, and I try to just not ever look in that direction…  But when one day we do own our own pad this is one item that is waaay far up the design agenda.

So let’s take a little look at the options shall we?  If you’re willing to spend les big bucks then a motorised unit is just the ticket:

interior design hiding the tv1

A custom wall unit is also a pretty sweet way to hide the buggers, but you can’t really take it with you if you move home…

interior design hiding the tv2 interior design hiding the tv3 interior design hiding the tv4

Loving this chimney breast idea on the LHS here, genius!

interior design hiding the tv5

Slightly less of a commitment is a sliding piece of artwork, map etc. that you can scoot over the TV when you’re not using it:

interior design hiding the tv6


interior design hiding the tv8

Or how about some screen/shutter/barn door action?

interior design hiding the tv7interior design hiding the tv9 interior design hiding the tv10

These are all great ways to deal with the monsters but I think my preferred option is still the simple one.  Buy a cabinet, any cabinet, adjust the shelves to the right size, cut a hole in the back for the wiring and hide away your TV, à la:

interior design hiding the tv11

I’m still thinking I need a Chinese Wedding Cabinet in my life.  Any of these would do nicely…

interior design hiding the tv13 interior design hiding the tv14



  1. Alistair says:

    Definitely prefer the simpler approach – screens and cabinets! Especially the Chinese variety. The best solution is not to buy a TV!

  2. Wonderful ideas, especially when tv is hidden behind a picture or screen. Also love the idea of using window shutters – pic 4 in the shutters/doors section).
    I must admit, I can (sort of) live with the media as far as the living room goes, but hate having tv in a bedroom – it really does ruin everything, especially if the room itself is quite small.

  3. Lilli says:

    Ciao Elly! You know, I never payed attention to a similar thing but now that you made me think, you are right, it something that ruin the interior design scheme of a room. Your options are perfect to hide it, Im just craving for some of this ideas, the first one absolutey is very cool and is my fav solution (always in my dream house!) but I like also an hidden TV above the fireplace:) Have a great day dear, kisses! xo

  4. Wau, this are great ideas, Elly, I never thought of hiding my big TV, but you are right, it totally ruins the room. I had problems only with the TV in the bedroom, I strictly forbid C to buy a bedroom TV, but for the living room, have to admit it is all black and big on a yellow wall. I almost never switch the TV on and did not give it such a great importance. Hmmm, now you make me think…Have a lovely day!

  5. pitgat says:

    Oh, again thanks! I always get inspired by your decor suggestions! I have a screen in the living room that “blends” with the dark shelves I have. A coincidence, but it was good. In some bedrooms I have TVs too, to watch the morning news only. And I wanted to disguise them. Now I have many suggestions here, although I’ll need a carpenter! Those Chinese cabinets are gorgeous! Sorry that I was a bit away, with only scheduled posts. Having some trouble in my new environment… soon I’ll be adapted!

  6. Sam says:

    I fully agree, the black box needs to be camouflaged into something prettier and more cohesive to a room’s decor, I wish I could place on of these fabulous ideas in my home, it really is chic and functional.Thanks so much for your kind thoughts on my last post 🙂 The matching shoes I found are from an Australian brand, try I hope they ship to you.

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