Luxe burnt silver lovin’

So I am usually ALL ABOUT the antique brass these days, but a couple of recent finds make a little exception to this rule:

luxe burnt silver interior design

{rug / pendant}

Now all I need is a spare $15k to buy them – any ideas?!


  1. Hahahahahah, art! Elly, I can’t wait to see your work when you finish it, tres curious me :P! You should stop buying those expensive Chanel and Dior handbags and spare some money, girl! Kisses

  2. Sam says:

    The pendent is so unusual and interesting, is it possible to buy the material and make one yourself? The rug is a great neutral and it will fit anywhere. P.S Don’t worry about the email, whenever you have a spare minute :)Thanks for your kind comment sweety, have an awesome day!

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