Monday’s Masterpiece – classic with a twist

Morning loves!  Hope the weekend treated you well.  I’m raring to go this week after a relaxed few days – it’s the last week spent doing my current project and I cannot wait to get it finished.  Yeehaw.

So I came across Houston-based Ashley Goforth Design over le weekend and thought I would take a closer look at her work today.  Quite a lot of her portfolio is a smidge too trad for me but I do still love quite a bit of it.  Bamboo blinds, lucite, brass, leopard and zebra all feature in these beauts below, and are making me quite grinny this morning.

Take a little peek and make sure you let me know your thoughts!

ashley goforth design1 ashley goforth design2 ashley goforth design3 ashley goforth design4 ashley goforth design5 ashley goforth design6 ashley goforth design7 ashley goforth design8 ashley goforth design9 ashley goforth design10



  1. Alistair says:

    Grinny on a Monday morning – a great start to the week! The designs may not be crazy but they do just look very nice and relaxing to have in your home.

  2. Sam says:

    These are such chic clean lines with a trendy way of ‘accessorizing’ (don’t know whats the appropriate decor word for that). I love that kitchen, its a place I could imagine spending hours in. I also like the chair with the leopard cushion – what fabric is that? Looks really luxe. The main bedroom is elegant and cozy and how sweet is the minted green chest of drawers. Fab place!

  3. Lilli says:

    Hi Elly! You are right, her work is just magnificent, I love all the decors you have shared, in particular I fell in love with the kitchen, I like so much the light space of it!:) Hope you have a great week ahead dear! Kisses! xo

  4. pitgat says:

    Ah, you want to kill me 🙂 I am renovating some rooms, but they won;t look as beautiful as these pictures! I loved the kitchen and the dining room – amazing, really! And the green-ish set of drawers, so much my style! Wonderful pictures!

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