Design classic (33) – Terzani Atlantis light

Ugh, I am fed up of feeling like I’m living right next to a monster island-size bonfire!!  The smog has infiltrated our flat, even with the a/c on full whack, so all our clothes etc now smell of autumn.  Yuck.

To improve my grumpy mood this morning I thought I’d have a gawp at the insane lighting beauties created by Terzani, a Florence-based design studio that’s been turning out geniusness (is that a word?) since 1972.  Out of an entire portfolio of breathtakingly gorgeous light fixtures, in my mind the Atlantis and Soscik take joint first prize.

terzani light interior design1 terzani light interior design1.5

Sch.wing.  They’re hand-crafted from 3 miles (no joke) of draped nickel chains, and that’s just the Atlantis above on the LHS.  Insane.

Pretty full on bling yep I agree, but if done right these fittings are truly one of a kind bananas good.  Puzzingly though, I have had a lot of trouble sourcing images of schemes that I don’t think are revolting.  I really try to not slate design that I dislike as I appreciate that it’s so subjective (I’m sure plenty of peeps hate my ikats, natural textures and ethnic touches), but considering that the average punter would have to remortgage their home in order to acquire one of these pieces of amazingness, I really truly am gobsmacked that there are so many heinous schemes out there that include them.  They should have hired me… Ha, kidding.  No, not really kidding.

Errr anyhoo, so here are the few I’ve found that I do love – it’s often used in luxe commercial settings, like this divine restaurant in Moscow.

terzani light interior design2 terzani light interior design3 terzani light interior design4

I’m sure you’ll be extremely surprised to hear that my faves are those paired with rough natural goodness, like these wooden tables below, or the exposed brick wall up top.

terzani light interior design5

I really dislike this scheme below (ok, breaking my rule here…) but I wanted to include this pic as it shows the longy version in full glory.  Ooh and I quite like that white wall treatment.

terzani light interior design6 terzani light interior design7 terzani light interior design8


Make sure you let me know what you think of this fixture – is it too much for you or just your cuppa?

Have a happy and smog-free weekend loves!


  1. Alistair says:

    Wow, those are some magnificent lights, if a little overwhelming. You would need a serious pad to be able to pull those off!

  2. The lighting in the {what is that a closet or fashion store?} looks incredible. Also pertinent…if that is someone’s closet I am ridiculously envious – of the contents and the lighting. 🙂

  3. Lilli says:

    Hi Elle! Sorry for the trouble, how horrible! Hope you can fix it soon! Btw, this light fixture is just amazing, I am quite in awe in fron of it! Something like the 4th image is what I prefer!:) Kisses and have a great smog-free weekend as well!:) xo

  4. When I saw the first image, I was sure you chose it on purpose to match the smog color 🙂 I would totally have it in my big house in Provence, one day…Elly! I am glad you broke your rule, that pictures it is not what I want to see, those chair, too much silver.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. I was watching the news and could not believe what’s going on with the fires+air quality there… It’s a good time to go on vacation and leave that behind…no?
    LOVE those light fixtures. They are more like lighting Art, and I agree with Alistair, you need a serious apartment/house to be able to showcase something like that…thanks for sharing.

    Emily @ Town And Country Shuffle

    PS. thanks for your comment on Coronado Island post. The Island is right across the bay from San Diego’s down town area…so it’s really part of San Diego proper, but a lot of ppl don’t know that. I didn’t when I first went there.
    Having said that, it has a totally different feel from SD…it is more of an oasis that a city. I highly recommend if you ever visit the west coat of the US.

  6. Oh wow, those are definitely bling bling but so sculpturally beautiful – agree with the others in that you’d have to have the right space to pull them off but wow, the impact is incredible, love the Atlantis one!! xxx

  7. Sam says:

    Hi Elly, aw no to hear about the pollution there, is it an ongoing thing? Ive only been to Singapore once and it was really clean, like clinically clean, how come they are allowing this smog to continue? These light fittings are quite spectacular, really draws the eye and looks very opulent, I love it in the restaurant and the second last image. I appreciate your kind words over at mine 🙂

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