Singapore inspiration: smog attack (overdyed rugs) – part 1

Confused by le title today?!

Singapore is currently experiencing a ruddy revolting amount of smog:

singapore smog


I thought we’d left behind the pollution when we hotfooted it outta Hong Kong, but a (LARGE) bunch of Indonesian wallies have seemingly simultaneously decided to burn their fields/jungly patches to make room for palm oil plantations.  Seriously seriously bad news on many levels, both for orangutans and for Singapore residents.  I couldn’t believe my eyes when I woke up yesterday, you literally can hardly see out of the window.

Anyhoo so the upshot of this situation is that it got me pondering the faded and muted patterns of overdyed rugs (bit of a stretch, yes I agree…).

interior design overdyed rugs1

I’ve been loving these long time and am trying to find a source here in Singers – any ideas SG peeps?!

Here are my fave inspo shots, hope you likey!

interior design overdyed rugs2 interior design overdyed rugs3 interior design overdyed rugs4 interior design overdyed rugs5 interior design overdyed rugs7 interior design overdyed rugs8


I’m sending a little wish to the wind god – let’s get some airflow going in our little country today please!


  1. Alistair says:

    Yes it is miserable today again! Worst in 16 years apparently. But the rugs look great – favourite is the bathroom at the bottom.

    Ps – need to sort out this site for mobile access!!

  2. trishie says:

    I’ve been hearing so much about the smog in Singapore on my facebook feed. Sounds pretty bad this year. Take care and stay indoors! Hope it clears up real soon.

  3. I think the smog is culpable for your blog caps lock :))) I am sorry to hear that, but really, they don’t care about those poor animals?
    I like the red rug and the blue one, Elly!

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