Monday’s Masterpiece – want to pretend you’re famous…?

So I have fiiinally got around to sorting through the literally thousands of pics from our hol in Vietnam to be able to do justice to the beauty that is Six Senses Ninh Van Bay.

A-List Rustic Beach Chic pretty much sums it up – I neither look nor act like a film star but this place sure made me feel like one for a few hours.  Set on a private beach and hillside, the only way in is to be zipped along on a very James Bond-esque speedboat.  Now that is my kinda FUN.

ninh van bay1

Incredible beach that we didn’t even spend time on (only there for one night sadly) but look at it!!!

ninh van bay2

We stayed in a Hilltop Villa which had the most insaaane view out over the bay.  The decor had me in fits of ‘ooooh’s and ‘aaaah’s and ‘bloody hell that’s such a good idea’s – I guess strictly it was pretty rustic but so so luxurious at the same time.  That makes no sense whatsoever I know.

ninh van bay3

Heavenly bathrooms, outdoors shower a go-go:

ninh van bay4

Ermm, and please excuse the screwed-up-photo-taking face.

ninh van bay5

And the infinity pool, my GAWD!

ninh van bay6

It was designed so well, fitted almost seamlessly into the decking/jungly vegetation around it – I have a real grumpy grudge against blingy swimming pools, think I might have to do a post on that soon hmm…

ninh van bay7 ninh van bay8

I honestly don’t know if we’ll ever match this view.  EVER.

ninh van bay9

{credits – moi, please include link to this site}

I can’t recommend this place enough.  Aside from the bonkers decor, the service is impeccable, dining options brilliant and did I mention it makes you feel like you’re famous?!

Unfortunately on the day we checked out (full on blubbing, gripping onto the wooden pier for dear life before being dragged onto the speedboat – just kidding, that’s just what I wanted to do), I let the hubs persuade me that a night train up to Hoi An would be a good idea.  Have you ever been on a night train in Vietnam?!  Much like our Nepal experience we went from glam luxe jungle hotel to extremely unglam backpackery mayhem in the space of 45 minutes – happily though this time I did not end up with goat pee on my forehead.  Oh that’s another story…

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  1. Lilli says:

    Hi Elly! I’m pretty drooling right now! OH MY GOD! What a place! Is incredible beautiful and heavenly, I wanna be there right now, what a view! Have enjoyed all the photos, the one on the pool is really amazing! Have to sign this place, have just visited the site and Im really stunned:) Thanks for sharing, I really enjoy it:) Kisses and happy Monday! xo

  2. I WANT TO LIVE HERE! Like seriously pick up my life right now, move in, and never look back! It is heaven on earth – seriously.

    P.S. How adorbs are you in these pictures? Love the last one especially! 🙂

  3. WOW, this place looks amazing! I once stayed in a place similar to this in Malaysia (not as fabulous though) and absolutely loved the feeling of staying in a villa which was partly outside, partly inside. You definitely look like a celebrity in the pic sipping champagne 🙂

  4. Elly, you look so cute with that hat and come on, you can’t say you’ve been to Vietnam until you wear one of those hats. incredible pool, lucky girl to spend your birthday in such a wild luxurious place. my friend from Vietnam asked me yesterday if I intend to come this year to visit her and boom, your pictures appear on my facebook wall. what do you think my answer was? yes, please, thank you, please, very much! kisses

  5. Holy crapballs, what a gorgeous place!!! I need to get out of England, I swear. I need to get some of that gorgeous into my eyeballs. And that hat is rather fetching, I have to say 😉 xxx

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