Apols dear readers but today I am feeling a smidge too stressed out for a proper post.  4 this week ain’t bad though, hey?!  I’m really cracking on with my work and have three technical drawings to flesh out today, it’s going to be a long one.

Anyway I’ve been missing my fave fleur since arriving in Singers, don’t think you can get these beauts over here, and have been hankering after some of this goodness, so here are a few little ranunculus treats for you.

ranunculus1 ranunculus2 ranunculus3 ranunculus4


Have a happy weekend!


  1. Sam says:

    I have a new favourite flower…these are so romantically beautiful. All the best with work sweety, hope it goes well. Thanks for your wonderful words over at mine.

  2. I’m wondering if ranunculus are the new peony? I see them all the time in blogland but sadly, have yet to see ranunculus in person. Want to though – so so pretty (I can love both though, right?) xxx

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