Wimpy wood – part 1

Ha, that’s a really poor joke.  Ahem.

So petrified wood is officially  my new favourite accent table finish.  I was gifted some coasters in this gorgeous material by a supplier recently and realised that I’d never really looked into using it before.  The coasters look incredible combined with my agate set, also a gift – the natural veining of the minerals just looks incredible.

petrified wood interior design1

Basically (mini science lesson for you) the pieces of wood get pushed underground and totally squished up away from oxygen and the organic matter in them gradually turns into stone.  Apparently it can take 100 or 100 million years.  So some of these pieces are seriously seriously old (although I’m guessing those ones aren’t used for coasters…).

petrified wood interior design2

Anyhoo so this finish seems to mostly be used as an accent table, in fact I think in every single one of these pics, but I’ve seen a few other goodies around which I’ll share tomorrow.

petrified wood interior design3 petrified wood interior design4

It looks particularly dazzling paired with brass, à la:

petrified wood interior design5

And the collections of stumps in these next two are just divine:

petrified wood interior design6 petrified wood interior design7


What do you guys think?  Is this your cuppa, or too I’m-studying-geology for you…?

Make sure you stop by for part deux tomorrow!


  1. You bet we agree! We have an online store in Australia selling some amazing examples of petrified wood stools, from creamy whites to golden browns and blacks, these are UNBELIEVABLY beautiful!!! Perfect for inside and out they make gorgeous bedside tables and look divine as an occasional table in your lounge. Petrified wood rocks!

  2. This is definitely a look that I’m loving. I have never thought to add a rustic touch to more modernistic settings – but these spaces totally prove that it is a wonderful pairing. The perfect juxtaposition between cozy and chic. Gorgeous find, Elly! 🙂

  3. Sam says:

    I didn’t even know about petrified wood before…really interesting texture and adds a charming earthy feeling to a room. Would be perfect for cozy chalets and country homes. I like it most in the second pic.Thanks for your visit doll!

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