Wishing on a star

So unless I’m missing some giant source of lighting here in Singers (which I suppose is entirely possible – if so please fill me in somebody!), it is one area of interior design that is seriously under-represented in this city.  There are lots of generic lighting shops that stock maybe two decent fittings, but the rest are gross bling-tastic fake crystal chandies or big-bummed lady table lamps (I’ll take a pic next time to show you – it’s not a nice lamp…).

As a result I’ve been hunting high and low on t’internet for a gorgeous + affordable brass pendant for aaaages but all the ones I find are $2,500 (see my Arteriors lighting post here for some swoonworthy goodies) and/or wired for US voltage, so no good here in Asia.

moravian star lighting1Anyhoo, so a while back during my internet ramblings I stumbled across a source of brass/glass Moravian Star pendant shells for cheapcheap and have since been figuring out how to turn the shells into an actual pendant light.  The last ingredients arrive today (lightbulbs and brass chain) and I am totally psyched to get it wired up and shining bright.

moravian star lighting2

Looong and not very interesting story, ha.  Well here are a few inspo piccies that I’m loving right now to give you an idea of what I’m going on about.  Whether it’s in a hallway, entryway, kitchen, bathroom or porch, these beauties know how to make a statement.  Enjoy!

moravian star lighting3 moravian star lighting4 moravian star lighting5 moravian star lighting6 moravian star lighting7 moravian star lighting8

Also amazeballs in event design, no?

moravian star lighting9



  1. Good news for you, Elly 🙂 The lamps were the last things we bought when decorating the apartment (can you imagine just a wire hanging from the ceiling while everything else was done?) because we could not decide. This beauties would have looked very nice in our living room, too, Elly. I think the best pictures are the last two and the one where the lamp is matched with black furniture, paintings, chairs 🙂

  2. I feel your pain my dear – I find the lighting in the UK lacks that star-quality (GEDDIT?!) unless I wanna spend the big moolah (which I don’t) or I want to go super modern like the big bulbs suspended by colourful cords (nice but they don’t really suit my aesthetic). I never thought of these blingy startastic numbers though, gotta say, and you’re starting to make me think one of these babies could work in my entrance hallway 😉 xxx

  3. Alexis Grace says:

    You’ll have to share the result!

    We just moved into our apartment last week and frankly it is pretty much an empty shell at this point… you have to give me a list of recs on where to shop here in Singapore!

  4. Gah! Yesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyes! One of my favorite things about the holidays is when lighted stars like this make an appearance in the shops. But year-round? Oh, I so need these! Mark my words…when I have my own place, these are totally going to be a part of the decor scheme – LOVE!! 🙂

  5. Sam says:

    The star-like shape of this lighting pendants is so unusual and cute, it looks just as fab outdoors as it does in. Really versatile and a definite conversation starter! Thank you kindly for taking time out of your day to stop by 🙂

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