Friday [fuchsia] fun

It’s not been a particularly great week over here at Caribbean Living HQ.  I’m having trouble with a supplier (Small Claims Court here I come…) and have been struggling to keep up to date with polishing off my current project as there’s too much on my plate right now!

But we’re heading to the big smoke (aka HK) this weekend to catch up with some friends from Blighty which will be super duper, and I’m actually feeling a lot more perky after splatting these fuchsia beauts all over le blog (apart from that Arco floor lamp, ick).

fuchsia1 fuchsia2 fuchsia3 fuchsia4


Have a happy weekend loves!


  1. Gorgeous, Elly! I am a pink girl, so I love all these pictures. Is that last house in Provence? Looks like it :D. And that pink skirt, OMG, Elly! Have a lovely weekend with your friends!

  2. Sam says:

    This post is a dream because it features my favourite shade of pink. I want to live in that pink lounge with the chandelier, so pretty! Love the skirt too and pink doors!! Who would’ve thought? So cute. Have an awesome weekend in HK babe! Thanks as always for your wonderful words over at mine!

  3. I don’t even think my other half has realised how much pink I’ve somehow managed to splash around the house – it just makes a room look so damn perky (shhh don’t tell him). Love these pics – yummy!! xxx

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