Ancient House Hotel + sneaky courtyards

So the time has come to start boring you with holiday snaps…  Today I wanted to share with you guys the absolutely bee’s knees gorgeous Ancient House Hotel we stayed at in Hoi An, Vietnam.  A beaut of a property, its high ceilings and cool interiors are the perfect respite from the 40 degree temps in town.

Built around said [authentic 200 year old] ancient house, the rest of the hotel is designed to fit in with the traditional architecture, with clay tiled roofs, white pillars, silk lanterns and wooden walkways.

ancient house hotel1

Rooms are decked out with luurvely canopy beds, cool stone flooring and Asian style furniture – not to mention that bananas Chinese style window carving and tiled/beamed ceiling, yum:

ancient house hotel2

The service is really very good – fresh fruit is left in your room every day and the reception staff fall over themselves to whip out a cold citronella-scented face cloth every time you get in from the hot streets outside.  Lovely and friendly, I must say I did not want to leave!

ancient house hotel3 The grounds are green and luscious, even in the dry spell this time of year.

ancient house hotel5

[Err apols, our camera seems to be on its last legs, these pics are pretty hit and miss…]

ancient house hotel6

Gorgeous pool area, which we didn’t actually use as were too busy running around seeing the sights but it looked fab:

ancient house hotel4

And check out this sneaky little tropical interior courtyard in the middle of the main house (LHS):

ancient house hotel7

I would definitely recommend this hotel – it’s a brilliant midrange option for peeps who want a break from the more economical guesthouses (us!) but aren’t wanting to stretch to full on 6 star luxe.

The one thing I was a smidge confused about though is the colour of the walls in the bar and restaurant area – orange and pink (see above LHS) just do not do justice to the grandeur of the property.  This place is lovely as it is, but honestly it has the potential to be a total show stopper.  Refurb the bathrooms to 5 star standard (like this INCREDIBLY magical place) and do away with the rainbow colours on the walls, and it would suddenly shoot up to the land of places you daydream about visiting.  Or is that just me?!

{This is a sponsored post, but all opinions herein are my own}

Anyhoo, so the internal courtyard got me thinking we should incorporate one when we build our future house.  DREAMLAND!  Don’t think you can even do that in Singers.  Ahem, well here are a few other ideas anyway, doesn’t hurt to collect some inspiration I suppose…

Those Moroccans really know how to do it well:

internal courtyard1

Couple of contemporary puppies:

internal courtyard2

And see here for the rest of this swoon-worthy property below left:

internal courtyard3



  1. What a beautiful place! wouldn’t mind to spend a couple of days there 🙂 You have found some beautiful inspirational images – I have a weakness lately for Moroccan style)))

  2. Lilli says:

    Hi Elly! The holet looks too heavenly! Wow, is a gorgeous place where have some rest and relax, love the nature all around and the decors, fantastic indeed!:) Kisses and have a good day! xo

  3. Sam says:

    Holiday pics are definitely not boring, I love seeing different destinations and hearing opinions on them. The hotel is so beautiful and luxurious. The courtyard and gardens are amazing as well.I enjoyed reading your point of view on my Cannes post. Aren’t you glad its the end of the week? Have a great one dear!

  4. Spoiled lady, Elly! I love that they have the canopy bed, you know I like them so much! And those Moroccan inspiration…oh, again, Granada and Alhambra, what an experience…:*

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