Bananas batik – part 1

Morning darls!  Yesterday’s post seemed to go down well but after all the monochrome yumminess I thought today I’d get a leeetle beeet more colour on the go.

May I introduce you to the newest of obsessions in the (already obsession-full) brain of Caribbean Living: the beauties that are batik.  I’d come across this gorgeous race of textiles before but it was on our honeymoon in Bali that I really became acquainted with them.  They’re traditionally made all over the world from Ghana and Nigeria to India and Japan, but it’s South East Asia that’s really famous for producing this art form, especially Malaysia and Indonesia.

See?!  Yum:

interior design batik4Often confused with ikat, the name batik describes the method of applying wax to fabric and then dying it, so it can come in literally any design and colour your heart desires, as opposed to ikat which sticks within an admittedly-getting-wider-by-the-day band of patterns.

Think my faves are the blueys but the bright fun colours are divine also.

interior design batik1


interior design batik2

Even more gorgeous!

interior design batik3interior design batik5

I wish the armchairs here were a batik in a more neutral colour – other than that I am loving this space bigtime:

interior design batik6

Delectable pastels!

interior design batik7

And how awesome is this headboard?!  Not sure about the brown shade but if it were a blue or a purple…yummy:

interior design batik11Cushions are a great way to add some fun without committing to upholstery:

interior design batik9

And this Balinese daybed on the LHS here just takes my breath away:

interior design batik10


I brought a few pieces back with me the last time we headed to Bali but think I need to start some serious cushion manufacturing here in Singapore – hmm I wonder when I can get back there…


  1. Sam says:

    Thanks for clearing up the difference between batik and ikat. I love this type of design, it does remind of travels to the Far East, the colours and print is so distinctive to that region. The bright colours have to be my preference, especially those purple/pink/yellow cushions. Thanks for taking the time to visit, have an awesome day!

  2. I’m usually the BIGGEST fan of pastels, but this time around I love the brights – the fuschias and pinks and yellows and oranges. Obviously I’m in a summer state of mind. Love! 🙂

  3. Lilli says:

    Hi Elly! Love batik wovens too! The decors with them are in fact cheerful and make me in a good mood! Great finds! Kisses and have a nice day! xo

  4. Well, I would happily accept some (like you) blue batik and that last picture pink cushion batik that matches Marilyn’s painting. I am all about black these days (right, I am wearing a pink shirt), actually I am just looking for a reason to redecorate, my man will go crazy :)))

    • Elly says:

      Hi there Faiza – thanks for stopping by and for the kind comment! Hope you continue to love it, let me know what you’re interested in reading about! Elly

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