Monday’s Masterpiece – ikat oogling

Madeline Weinrib.  Ohhhh Madeline Weinrib!  The lady of exquisite ikat and suzani fame has had me enthralled with her fabrics for many many years now.  Bananas pricey but 1 million % lustworthy, they run the gamut from insanely colourful pink/orange crazies to very subtle and demure neutrals.  Basically I am head over heels in love:



So I’ve been meaning to feature her NY loft on this lil blog for some time, partly because it’s a bit of a stunner and partly so that I can drool over said ikats.

It’s a LOT more neutral and grounded than I was expecting, with Beni Ouarain rugs, brown leather armchairs and solid wooden furnishings galore, but I guess if one totally filled an apartment with her rainbow collection it might send you a little nutty…?  It’s not surprising actually I guess, if you’re working with COLOUR and PATTERN all day then it’s kinda natural to want a more soothing space for your own home.

Anyhoo, check out all the goodies she’s brought back from far flung trips around the world, and tell me you’re not a smidgy jealous, I dare you.

Here is the bird herself – Madeline used to be a professional artist and this pic on the RHS is one of her own pieces, pretty impressive if you ask me:

madeline weinrib1 madeline weinrib2 madeline weinrib3

I’ve been kicking myself for not buying the antique [-style] Chinese boxes I was swooning over when we were in Hong Kong, think I might have to pick up a couple when we’re next there – love this look on the windowsill:

madeline weinrib4madeline weinrib5 madeline weinrib6

Oh crumbs, this image on the RHS is giving me wanderlust in a BIG way!!  Those vintage textiles are le bee’s knees:

madeline weinrib7


And here’s the mandatory ikat devotion, get a load of these beauties…

madeline weinrib ikats


If one day I own some of this lovin’ I will know that I’ve made it big.  That’s a good incentive to get cracking on my axonometric if ever I heard one ha.

Have a fab week loves!


  1. Lilli says:

    Let me sayy that I’m very impressed by the prints, interiors with modern art are so cool, drooling over that decor:) Kisses and have a good day! xo

  2. See now, if I did neutrals, this is DEFINITELY inspiration overload right here. All those gorgeous textures and patterns and wood – swoon worthy for sure. She’s amazing and agree, I’ve never owned anything created by her fair hands but god that woman is seriously talented. xxx

  3. Sam says:

    Now you have me going crazy for Ikat!!! Love that first picture with the pink set of fabrics, how vibrant and animated, seeing that in any type of home decor would just uplift ones mood immediately. Such grand inspirations, love the purple and white room. Thanks for sharing your fashion opinion with me.

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