Monday’s Masterpiece – a classic Blighty pub with a twist…

Morning peeps and welcome to the week!  Today I thought I’d take a little gander at Brook Green Hotel in London, where one of my besties held her 30th birthday celebrations a few weeks ago.

brook green hotel interior design1

brook green hotel interior design2

I walked in expecting a standard issue old man’s pub like most of these spots around the city but my jaw immediately dropped to the floor.  It’s a quintessential British pub but with a big twist – full of reclaimed wood, leather Chesterfields, brass, colourful plaid, tweeds galore and a serious dose of quirky pendants, it is quite fully le bee’s knees.

Check it out!

brook green hotel interior design10 brook green hotel interior design9 brook green hotel interior design8 brook green hotel interior design7 brook green hotel interior design6brook green hotel interior design4 brook green hotel interior design3

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If you’re digging this look, see here for more plaids


here for tweedies


and here for reclaimed wood:

reclaimed wood



  1. Alistair says:

    Looks good on the outside, but a bit too trendy and open on the inside for me. Looks more like a New York bar than an English pub! And I bet they didn’t even have ale on the pump……

  2. Sam says:

    This is such an amazing venue, it looks so homely and cozy but still maintains its elegance, love love that pink plaid chair. Wishing you a great and productive week ahead hun!

  3. egb233emily says:

    Hello Elly – Lovely pub. I’m sure you guys had a great time. I love the plaids round up. I’m looking for gray plaid for my guest room.

    Warm regards from cold New York

    Emily @ Town And Country Shuffle

  4. Sorry catching up on unread posts and had to say this is fab!! I was just commenting how much I love our ‘local’ cuz it’s properly an old quintessential pub that hasn’t changed in years – but if you are going to update the quintessential pub, then this is the way to do it. A nod to tradition, a foot in modernity. Love. xxx

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