Design classic (31) – the Platner table

Morning loves, Happy Friday to you!

Today let’s take a gander at the semi-retro, semi-futuristic Platner coffee/dining/side table:

interior design platner tableDesigned by American architect/designer Warren Platner in the 60s, this minimalist piece is fashioned from steel wire rods with a tempered glass top.

Knoll sell the real deal puppies, but as ever there are some pretty decent fake-ies around if that’s what you’re after.

So here are a few of my fave interiors pics incorporating this slick beauty – my preference (surprise surprise…) is FOR SURE the schemes where it’s paired with wooden chairs or more traditional furnishings, to get that eclectic look.  There’s also a matching dining chair but that can go take a running jump in my humbles opinion, just like the Tulip chair.  Too harsh?!  Nope, I don’t think so.

interior design platner table1 interior design platner table2

Ok so I included the Platner chairs on the LHS here – the zebra rug and chevron wall art got me!!!

interior design platner table3

And it looks just incredible in this very masculine space – paired with a brown leather Chesterfield (oh my!) and a vintage rug I am swooning all over the shop…

interior design platner table3.6 interior design platner table4

Love love love!

interior design platner table4.6

This scheme feels a smidge bland to me overall, but I’m dying over those natural poufs and that rattan/sheepskin action – come to mama!

interior design platner table5

And lastly it is simply delish here paired with the hydrangeas and leopard…yum!

interior design platner table6


Happy a happy weekend folks, what are you up to…?


  1. I cannot even begin to tell you how much I have loved this design since, well forever! It’s stunning.
    We’ve had a beautiful week of sun and today is just looking so grim… 🙁 Haven’t really started to nest yet and only 4/5 weeks to go, eek! But I have everything cleaned and washed so not worried! Have a super weekend.

  2. I think this is my choice, too, Elly, the interesting coffee table design goes crazy with the classic wooden chairs, really! Did you see that brown skull cushion? A girl asked me this week what do I think about black and white skull wallpapers? Well, I did not know what to say except for macabre, but hey, maybe I’ll change my mind, it happens all the time :)))
    I intend to have a healthy weekend, biking, running and doing some administrative work plus reading about lovely purple Provence and doing vacation plans, too. PS: We are having here almost 30 degrees, so I think now we can compete with Singapore, right?Have a lovely weekend, Elly!

  3. Alistair says:

    I really like it as well – especially in the epic man room. We need a man room. And agree the chairs are a bit much.

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