Quirky and colourful

So I spent a large chunk of yesterday afternoon searching for a Singapore source of Edison filament light bulbs, à la:

edison filament light bulbs


Alas, nobody seems to stock these here yet – another item I’ll need to import [err or, more accurately, ask the inlaws to bring over in May, thanks guys!].

On my hunt I stumbled across these fun pendant lights, by Muuto and thought they were worth sharing:

muuto lights


Cute, non?  Those Scandies know what they’re doing!


  1. ROXTHEFOX says:

    Ok I’m totally digging these Edison filament bulbs. They look so contemporary, except not, because they look like they’re from the 1700’s? Love the juxtoposition. My dad has a restaurant, I think these would look great in it. Thanks for the idea 🙂


  2. Sam says:

    You always find the cutest things, how fun and playful are those colourful lights, think it would be great for a laid back eatery or modern kitchen and kids room.Thanks for sharing your fashion insight on my last post, have a great start to the weekend!

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