Monday’s Masterpiece – the [traditional yet lustworthy] Irish craic

Morning peeps, happy Monday to ya.

Apols again for skiving last week – I was ill yet again, sooo annoying.  It turns out that when one is struck down by the plague and jet lag it is in fact not a good idea to attend two weddings, two 30th birthday parties and lots of general shindigging.  Literally thought I’d caught bird flu at one point last week (not something to kid around about I am aware…), but pretty much on the mend now so today I shall update you with more design blatherings from Singapore, you lucky things.  Ahem.

So I promised last week to share some pics of the setting of my friend Alex’s beautiful wedding, in an old country estate outside Dublin.  It was b.a.n.a.n.a.s.  Not just bananas, B.A.N.A.N.A.S – have a looksee:


I think the numero uno thing I miss about back home (apart from the fam and friendies obvs) is rural England, full of gorgeous old cottages, picturesque scenery, cosy village pubs and errr, sheep?!

So this trip over to Ireland gave me the bucolic fix I was in need of, in a serious way!

ballymagarvey2 ballymagarvey3

The main house was chocca with roaring fireplaces, intricate chandies, period furnishings and some seriously elaborate window treatments.  It’s the latter that I was mostly gazing at slack-jawed for two days straight.  SUCH an incredible wedding venue!

ballymagarvey4 ballymagarvey5ballymagarvey6



And the bedrooms!  MY GAWD!  Do you seeeee these window treatments?!

ballymagarvey8 ballymagarvey9 ballymagarvey10


Said incredible window treatments were created by Bridget Callan Design I believe – nice job Bridget!

ballymagarvey curtains


Think I may have to go on the hunt for more traditional lovelies tomorrow…


  1. Sam says:

    Hi dearest Elly, so sorry to hear your were ill, hope you’re feeling better now. This place is a dream!! Wow, this venue is unreal and the countryside is so beautiful with an air of magic. Ireland is definitely one of the top places to visit on my travel wishlist. The sun room is exquisite and the bedrooms….who would ever want to leave them!!

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