Painterly inspiration – part 1

Morning peeps!

So I had a couple of hours to kill in between friend dates the other day so I took myself along to the National Gallery here in London.  I hadn’t been in YEARS and had totally forgotten how incredible it is – I was wandering around slack-jawed gazing at the intricate ceiling mouldings and smashing into tourists left, right and centre…oops.

There were some incredible works of art on display but I have to say my all time fave is still Monet.

monet painting1

Total cliché I am aware but the vibrant colours and splatty brushstrokes (that’s the technical terminology) get me every time.


So anyhoo I’ve been avoiding talking about painterly fabrics etc in design as the whole of Blog Land has been raving about them for so long now, but my little cultural jaunt has left me feeling inspired.

painterly interior design1 painterly interior design4

In my brain I kinda have merged the ombre painterly trend with the floral painterly trend, so I guess some of these are not for the purists.

painterly interior design2

Enjoy lovelies and let me know what you think!

painterly interior design3 painterly interior design11 painterly interior design10 painterly interior design9 painterly interior design8 painterly interior design7 painterly interior design6 painterly interior design5



  1. Alistair says:

    The more subtle colours and combinations I think look great, but I’m not so sure about having some giant flowers painted in a room!

  2. I have an obsession with painterly brushstrokes – I find them so appealing in fashion and decor. These are just exquisite. I am loving the pastels, and the summery corals and oranges. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous, Elly! 🙂

  3. Sam says:

    I wish i could melt into one of those exquisite scenes in the paintings, they are unbelievable! I am loving this painterly fabrics you’re talking about (I had no idea they were called that). There isn’t a print you featured here that I don’t absolutely love. There are so jovial and uplifting. I hope you’re having the most wonderful trip. Thanks for your kind visit, the cruise was my first and I would definitely recommend it to anyone, theres so much to do on board and off shore too. I was surprised we didn’t get seasick and asked one of the crew members about which was one of the choppiest cruises and she said The Caribbean, lol. Are the waters quite rough there?

  4. Alexis Grace says:

    There is nothing cliche about true greatness! I love that you took Monet as inspiration— and the interior translations you found are fantastic! Hope you are enjoying your trip (I saw that you were sick- hopefully on the mend!)…

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