A Chesterfield rainbow

So yesterday’s blush pink Chesterfield attracted a lot of admiring feedback, and I thought I would take a little look today at a few more colourful options, seven to be precise.

I may have taken a little liberty with the shades of the rainbow I’ve used, but hey, who wants a scarlet Chesterfield?!  [With apologies to fans of scarlet Chesterfields…]

Let me know which is your fave!

chesterfield red

chesterfield orange

chesterfield yellow

chesterfield green

chesterfield blue

chesterfield indigo

chesterfield violet

{credits: Chesterfields / other beauts}

In other news, I’m heading back to Blighty tonight for a flurry of weddings and 30th birthday shindigs and am soooo excited to see everybody.  Less excited about the Ice Age that England is currently experiencing, not sure what havoc a 35C temp change is going to do to me.  Yikes.  So I hope to be able to post tomorrow but I may be too wrapped up in blankets and hot water bottles…


  1. It’s getting a tiny bit warmer over here, but the silly sun is gone again today. As for the Chesterfields, I love this style very much. We have a chair, in oxblood that I adore, although must admit, we chose the colour because it looked better in our old apartment than any other shade. Having had a choice, especially for the sofa, I’d always go for tan – so warm and inviting.
    Have a safe journey! x


  2. I’m all about number one. Though I am intrigued by the look of the lavender. It is beautiful – and plays perfectly into my pastel obsession!

    Be safe on your travels, Elly! 🙂

  3. Pink purple (what a surprise) and dark blue are the winners for me,Elly! But what an amazing collage you have prepared for us today, me like it! So, what did the bunny bring you for Easter or you do not have this tradition? 😀

  4. Hi Elly! Welcome back to Europe. Good it is not Sweden you are going too since it is even colder. Sun has come back but still below zero in the mornings. So have a great trip! Among the Chesterfields I like the deep blue one. Nice post as always! /Jenny

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