The sweetest dreams – part 3

Happy Friday people!  What plans are lined up for le weekend?  I have a pretty chilled one for once which is very welcome indeed – am heading back to Blighty next week for some dear friends’ weddings, and have a LOT to get done before I leave – I shall be drafting my butt off over the next couple of days methinks…

So thanks for stopping by for part three, the canopy bed shopping guide.  These puppies range in price from cheap as chips to pretty luxe, but there are no $17k jobbies as frankly that is mildly ridonculous.  Click on the links at the bottom and make sure you let me know which is your pick!

canopy bed shopping guide

{credits from top row: wooden ‘forest’ bed, white Chinese-style bed, white four poster, wood four poster, mirrored four poster, white metal campaign bed, black metal ‘forest’ bed, louvre wooden four poster}

Have a happy weekend!


    • Elly says:

      Absolutely yes! You have to pick the right style of bed and make sure the drapery is done in a modern way, but it’s definitely do-able yep!

  1. Alexis Grace says:

    These beds are gorgeous! I can’t decide which is my favorite….

    I grew up with a canopy bed and always loved it. While it was pretty traditional in style (not really my taste these days), it is great to see the variety of style available- many of which fit my current aesthetic!

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