The sweetest dreams – part 2

Morning loves, and welcome back to part two.  I had mucho funno putting together this little collection of colourful canopy beds – and discovered in the process that I absolutely head-over-heels LOVE the designs that include a light fixture, mirror or piece of artwork within the actual canopy (e.g.. below right).  Absolutely divine, no?

colourful canopy bed1

So take a little gander, and let me know if anything tickles your fancy!

This monochrome lovely doesn’t reeeally belong in this collection I guess…but it is freaking fantastic:

colourful canopy bed2Ditto these two taupe beauts, but I thought Anouska Hempel’s stripy design would feel left out after its two exotic cuz’s were included yesterday.  Windsor Smith’s four poster (LHS) has been blogged about until the cows come home, but you can see why right?!

colourful canopy bed3

More light fixture yumminess in this space designed by Elizabeth Dinkel (see here for more!):

colourful canopy bed4

And these two by Jan Showers are also making my knees wibble a smidge (see here for more!) – the double-sided fabric work is delectable, no?

colourful canopy bed5 colourful canopy bed6

I wouldn’t opt for pink personally (I would be yelled at considerably by the other half I suspect…), but the two fabric patterns used are pretty insane.  And this indigo / ivory / gilt combo is also absolutely incredible:

colourful canopy bed7

And last but certainly not least, who doesn’t love a little close up of fabric trimmings…?  Oh, you’re not too excited by that?!  Must just be me, ahem.

colourful canopy bed8



  1. I do not know what is about me and dark color walls lately, but I like a good contrast like the one in the dark blue and white bedroom. And I also like the pink and the quilted bed cover. When are we going to see the results in your house, Elly?

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