Pastel pretties – part 1

So with Spring just peeking its nose around the corner for all you guys ‘up north’, I thought I would take a little gander today at some cute pastel interiors.


Soft and serene, these hues of mint, blush, apricot, lilac and lemon are the perfect Spring update but it’s very easy to get lost in in Vomsville with pastels, so do not overdo it!

Here are a few of my fave inspo piccies right now that get the balance just right, or tone it down with shades of black / charcoal – enjoy!

pastel9 pastel5 pastel6 pastel7 pastel8 pastel10 pastel11 pastel12 pastel13 pastel4 pastel3 pastel2



  1. Sam says:

    Hi dearest Elly, today you are speaking my language!! I love pastels, they are saccharine and girly and look so pretty. I love them in clothes and now its so exciting to see these sweet shades in decor too. I especially adore the mix of pastels all together and the pictures where the walls have been painted in these colours. Great post huN!

  2. You said mint, Elly, you said me! :))) well, I thought last summer that my passion for mint will go away, but no, I am planning to buy a pair of amazing mint shoes this spring to match my lighter mint pants from last year. Pastels are beautiful, so girlish and sweet! :*

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