Eastern brights

I came across Manuel Canovas’ new fabrics line yesterday and it was definitely love at first sight.  Inspired by Eastern palettes and sights such as the Silk Road, this 50th anniversary collection has totally NAILED IT!

See for yourselves:

manuel canovas1 manuel canovas2 manuel canovas3 manuel canovas4


The tangerine/fuchsia combos above brought to mind my Colours of Thaipusam post from a while back – I guess Manuel Canovas agree!

And here are my picks, but do tell, which is your fave…?

mc collection1 mc collection2 mc collection3 mc collection4


  1. I love {love, love} the look of pink and orange together. It is so colorful, bright, and cheerful!

    I think my favorite pieces from your picks would be the first four – the pinks, oranges, and purples just bring out more of that Eastern vibe for me than the blues and greens. Gorgeous! 🙂

  2. Sam says:

    Nailed this one…I am not even a bright colour person, but seeing the vibrantly beautiful images you’ve put up, I am in complete change of opinion. Love the type of prints, the eastern inspired patterns are quite unique and the rich buoyant colour scheme is so thrilling. LoVe!!

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