Design classic (28) – Emeco Navy chair

Happy Friday chappies!  I thought today I’d take a little gander at the iconic Emeco Navy chair.  First produced in the 1940s by the Electric Machine and Equipment Company to be used on warships, it’s made entirely of aluminium and now comes in a whole bunch of fun colours.

They have also collaborated with Coca-Cola to make a very similar version out of 111 plastic bottles – pretty smart, no?

Emeco Navy chair1

One of my besties has just bought a colourful set for her dining room – in her words: ‘who doesn’t love a chair with a bum groove?’.  Quite so my dear, quite so.

Very similar to the Tolix chair in giving a space a bit of a bad ass industrial vibe, it fits into a whole bunch of styles from rustic to minimalist.  Here are some of my faves.

Emeco Navy chair2 Emeco Navy chair8 Emeco Navy chair9 Emeco Navy chair3 Emeco Navy chair4 Emeco Navy chair6 Emeco Navy chair7 Emeco Navy5


Have a happy weekend!


  1. For me, please the terrace red chair, ok? Because it is sunny here and today we celebrate women’s day, so I would like a cup of coffee and a red chair on a terrace, but I am still in the office, hope this will change in less than 2 hours (in my dreams, Elly). Have an amazing weekend!

    I forgot to tell you yesterday that I saw almost all the movies of Meryl Streep (including The Manchurian Candidate) and in the role she plays together with Tom Cruise and Robert Redfort, she is again amazing. But now I can’t wait for the new movie (in November) with her playing one of the most powerful role for an older woman ever written (a crazy mum), I am sure Meryl will rock it (August: Osange County).

  2. Oh Elly…I absolutely love these. At first glance, I thought I would go for the white {easy to pair with everything}, but now I can’t decide which color is my favorite – I’m actually leaning to the green or red. Gorgeous! 🙂

  3. Sam says:

    I know this sounds rather silly, but I learn so much about chairs from you, you’ve shown me designs I wouldn’t have necessary known about or observed before and now that I have, I begin to see these stylish chair designs in a new light…I’d really love a variety of colours of these for a kitchen or outdoor garden set. Thanks for your kind visit hun….Have a lovely weekend!

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