Sassy snakeskin – part 1

Crumbs, I’m covering all the animals of the jungle this week…

So I’ve been becoming more and more enamoured with the gorgeous feisty snakeskins I’m seeing, both in the lands of fashion and interiors.

snakeskin interior design1 snakeskin interior design2

It is veeery easy to misjudge this finish and end up looking like the Queen of Tack (not a Kingdom I would like to have anything to do with, ahem) – a little goes a crazy long way folks!

So first up the mini-est commitments, I am loving that sink, so much fun.

snakeskin interior design2.6 snakeskin interior design3

Or how about a table or some luscious upholstery…?

snakeskin interior design4 snakeskin interior design5 snakeskin interior design6 snakeskin interior design8

Or you could just splatter it all over your walls – love!

snakeskin interior design9


Make sure you stop by for part 2 tomorrow!


  1. egb233 says:

    I love the wedges as well…not sure about those pants though – lol…Glad you liked the stone house in the South of France on my blog. It is such a stunning home and yes, I could see myself spending many lazy drawn-out lunches in that outdoor dining area…overlooking vineyards and fields of lavender….how poetic…lol

    best from New York

  2. Gorgeous mint chair, I have received a little handbag in that color even before I knew I will be hit by the snakeskin passion and now I want an emerald green shirt to match with my new black skinny jeans. That first picture with the sink is amazing, Elly, I like everything about it :*

  3. Sam says:

    Hi Elly, hows your week been? I have to be honest and say I have never seen anything snake print in decor before, only in clothes and shoes (but then again I never pay attention). You are the first to show me the print in decor terms and I actually prefer it than to fashion. Min green chair and teal one are fabulous!

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