Monkeying around…

So after moving to Asia we’ve been spending a lot more time in the company of monkeys, from the little bugger that nicked my toothbrush in Bali (true story…) to the troupe of red-faced little chaps that shivered their way past us on a hike in snowy Japan.

I thought this morning I would take a little look to see how I could incorporate some of their cheeky chops  into home decor – let me know which one you’re hankering after please!

monkeys in interior design

{clockwise from top left: Chinoiserie wallpaper, brass finial, white statue, stationery, duck egg fabric, salt and pepper shakers, navy/fuchsia print, necklace, canvas tote bag print, cartoon print}

The Schumacher fabric and Jonathan Adler figurine can make their way over to our place pronto, please and thank you.  And I am totally swooooning over the gorgeous chinoiserie top left!


  1. A friend of mine was bitten by a monkey (she wanted to give the little animal a piece of chocolate) last year and she liked it so much that she moved this year in Vietnam :D, so, Elly, yes, bring on the light blue wallpaper (the last one) and that pretty necklace, it it sufficient as my two cats will be too jealous! Kisses
    PS: Glad somebody understands my beige problem (the fact is that I am a natural blond with white skin and beige is the worst color I can choose to wear as a top, I am totally invisible wearing beige, Elly…)

  2. Sam says:

    I’ve never thought about monkeys in decor before, its quite whimsical but not so much my style, but I can appreciate the quirkiness of it in the right types of settings. Although…that wallpaper is quite lovely…hmmm..Thanks for your visit dear, hope your week is going well!

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