Monday’s Masterpiece – a more masculine vibe

Hey peeps, welcome to the week!  Hope all had a fab weekend?

Almost all of my Monday’s Masterpieces are quite laydeez oriented, as I guess that’s my go-to style when it comes to decor.   So I thought today I would take a goosey gander at the designer / TV personality Nate Berkus, who almost always pulls together more masculine sombre schemes that are still really interesting from a design perspective, using a bevy of different textures, patterns and the odd whimsical wooden piggy.

Take a little looksee – what do you think…?

nate berkus1 nate berkus2 nate berkus3

Spot the piggy?!  LOVING those oversize black and white photos too:

nate berkus4

nate berkus5 nate berkus6 nate berkus7 nate berkus8 nate berkus9 nate berkus10


He brought out an absurdly affordable range for Target last year, see my picks below:

Nate Berkus for Target1 Nate Berkus for Target2 Nate Berkus for Target3


And Calico Corners have just released a Nate Berkus fabric collection full of delectable ikats and weaves in the darker shades of the spectrum:

Nate Berkus for Calico Corners2 Nate Berkus for Calico Corners3 Nate Berkus for Calico Corners1


Thoughts…?  Are you drawn to this style or do you need a smidge more colour?  Florina, I know what you are going to say!!


  1. Alistair says:

    Yup, I’m a big fan! Especially the big living spaces and the study / library. Just need more time for reading…

  2. Though I’m usually more into femininity when it comes to decor, I can definitely get into these. They have a very modern touch that could easily be made a touch more girly with a bright ase of flowers. 🙂

  3. :))))))))))))) Surprisingly, even if a lot of brown is used and I am more into black and white furniture, I like it, Elly because there are some pops of colors (little, but hey, maybe the people living there really do not like colors, have to take in consideration their opinion): a red lamp and box, some purple flowers :))), an orange print on the cushion and some corners that I like, e.g. the lady corner with the shoes and light pink flowers; it is really nice, Elly. And as I am growing old, I realize bold colors are not everything in the world, can you believe it? Last night I watched a 20 minutes from a movie on TV with Goldie Hawn and it was so funny because two high school friends meet after 20 years, Goldie was all pink, snake print trousers and a pink flower in her hair (unmarried or divorced, I did not see the entire movie) and the other one (married with two girls) was dressed in beige and all her wardrobe was beige and she said almost crying to Goldie: “Look at you, you are like a flower, every man here is looking at you and I…I wear the same color as the walls in this building.”

  4. I’ve always liked Nate Berkus’ vibe – it’s cool and chic and masculine and has an extra dose of testosterone without being overly mannish. Oooh and the texture. And the brass. Mmmm. Oh and he has a nice face, doesn’t he? x

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