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So this has nothing to do with interior design.  Stop reading now if that’s what you’re after and head on over to Design*Sponge or some such fabulous design blog.

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I’ve been feeling somewhat unsettled the last few days.  So way back when I lived in London I used to be a big boffin-y GEEK and read The Economist magazine back to front every week on my commute dans le Tube.  I still love the mag but fell out of the habit when I moved to Cayman and started having higher priorities like re-educating myself about the Land of Design and writing this lil’ bloggy.  Anyhoo I’ve been making an effort this year to keep up to date and was reading the latest edition on the flight to HK.  This week they have a special report on tax havens and tax evasion and other yawnfully dull topics if you’re not into all that.

However rather unfortunately both areas apply to former versions of myself.  I used to be one of those accountants in the Big Four in London (not saying which one…) who would help their big corporate clients by cheating the UK government out of tax revenues with clever little tricksy restructurings etc.  All totally legal and above board, but still just not really cricket.  I’m talking millions and millions of $$.  And not just the UK either, also developing countries with seriously poor populations whose governments really need all the wonga they can get their hands on.  I loved it – I was working 60/70 hour weeks with people at the top of their profession, in a very technical and fast-paced industry.   Until it struck me one day exactly what it was that I was doing.  And so I unwittingly probably made it even worse by moving to a tax haven (see parrot above) and working (indirectly) for the tax-dodgers over there, ha.  But then I quit, which was possibly the best day of my life after our wedding day…

I think it was all these memories flooding back upon reading the report, combined with arriving ‘back home’ in Hong Kong, that’s just really made my brain explode a little – I felt like we were ‘back home’ when we stepped off the plane in Cayman back in November too, think my subconscious just doesn’t know where I belong we’ve had such a bananas year!

So there you have it, the confession’s out!  But I figure it’s ok, right?  People grow and people change and I am certainly not the same person now that I was back in London, or even Cayman really if I’m honest.  I guess interior design is not a particularly noble profession either, but it’s for sure an improvement…

Have a happy weekend peeps, see you Monday xx


  1. I do not care about “noblesse” when I speak about my favorite profession, Elly, I care about me being happy with what I do every day of my life. For so many years I thought that being keen on fashion and wanting to work in this industry is such a shallow thing and being a lawyer is so important and interesting and I have to be proud of that. But now I do not think that anymore. I do not regret I have followed the law school, but I do not have to do lawyer’s things for the rest of my life because at the end of the day I want to be happy with my profession and not to think that my profession is so interesting and noble. So, I hope one day I will write a post just like yours. You are such an inspiration for me. Kisses and have a fabulous weekend!

  2. Gah! Elly I had no clue you previously worked in the accounting business – that is wicked {awesome wicked}. I’m not very good with numbers myself, so I would never even attempt a career in that field. 😛

  3. Sam says:

    Hi Elly, I would have never taken you for the accounting type, you have far too much creativity! Its great that you’ve had experience in the field and that you have been able to move on from it too. It just shows how multi-talented you are, being able to work both analytically and creatively. Theres so much to be proud of in the interior design field you work in now, you’re great at it for one, and its fun and enjoyable. You turn peoples houses into homes and breathe life into empty rooms. Thats what I call noble :)Thanks for your insightful comment… Have a splendid weekend!

  4. Life is there for learning, my dear. I crept up the corporate ladder (not as steep as yours from what it sounds) as a Product Manager and once there, I realised it wasn’t actually what I wanted to do. I write a blog for an online retail business now and while it’s not really a question of nobility or anything, I know it makes me a lot happier to do this than I ever was doing that. But it took me a long time to figure that out – and creating a living from the creative process is a beautiful thing indeed. xxx

  5. Karen says:

    Elz, you rock! Your post and the comments made me think of this quote: “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

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