Redesign update (3) – a calm and collected place to sleep

So as these things always do, my home redesign project has been evolving and changing as it progresses.  Items that were meant for the living room or dining room are ending up finding a better home in the master bedroom, and vice versa.  But that’s all good, it’s better to adapt and let them have their way, than to rigidly stick firm to the original plan.

Anyhoo, so here’s the current plan for le bedroom – almost everything is in now and looking pretty fabulous (if I do say so myself – we’ve had a lot of great feedback from all our house guests too!).  I’m keeping it light and bright with a few Asian twists and a little splash of colour:

Elly MacDonald Design - Bedroom Redesign

{credit: Elly MacDonald Design}

And here are the goodies:

redesign bedroom-1

{credit: Elly MacDonald Design}

So I’m writing this post from Hong Kong – Ali’s over on business for a few days and I make it a firm policy to never turn down a (free) stay at a swanky hotel, ha.  Right now I’m looking out over a smoggy plain of dirty concrete buildings lapping the bottom edges of the Peak, but it feels good to be back!


  1. Sam says:

    Hi Dear, by the looks of this illustration and the beautiful pieces you picked out I can tell this room is going to be a masterpiece! Light and bright sounds perfect and you have the most incredible knack for interesting decor and impeccable taste too. Enjoy HK! Thank you for sharing your fashion opinions with me on my last post 🙂

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