Beautiful Bali

So living here in Singapore, there is not a day that goes by that I don’t remember how grateful we are to be living here instead of having had to head back to Blighty with our tails between our legs, as we started to fear late last summer.  GOD it was awful!!!

The element of living here that I certainly am most grateful for is all the incredible and cheap travel opportunities – seriously, there are like 25 beautiful countries within a 3 hour flight from here.  One of which is the stonkingly gorgeous Bali.

Bali pics8

So the weekend rocked.  I was up crazy beans early on Friday morning to catch the first flight, and then spent the rest of the day sprinting around Seminyak with my jaw on the pavement and eyes popping out of my skull…

Bali sourcing4

Helllllo ikat:

Bali sourcing5It turns out there is a LOT to source from there, for cheap cheap cheap!  Seriously the quality/price ratio was laughable, in fact I recognised soooo many things that I’ve been oogling in the boutiques here in Singers.

Bali sourcing1

Was pretty bummed when I realised this insane peacock chair would not fit in my suitcase…oh yeh, and that blingtastic elephant also:

Bali sourcing2

So much GORGEOUS wood furnishings and statues:

Bali sourcing6 Bali sourcing7 Bali sourcing8

I met the padres for a late lunch at Ku De Ta, which was seriously smashing:

Bali sourcing9

And then did more wandering and drooling.  These two snaps give a good indication of the two sides to Balinese culture, ha:

Bali sourcing10

So then Ali arrived late Friday night after work and we headed down the the Temple Lodge on the Bukit Peninsula.  I’ve written about this place before, and am still totally and utterly in love with it, think this may become a permanent annual pilgrimage for our anniversary…

bali pics1 Bali pics2 Bali pics3

All the eclectic carved wood and attention to detail is just incredible.  And the outdoor bathrooms?!  Oh my WORD it was amazing to have an outdoor shower again, we’ve been missing our old one in Cayman!

So the rest of the weekend was spent mopeding (no crashes this time…), surfing, yogaing and generally feeling very content.  Thank you Singapore!

Bali pics4
Bali pics7 Bali pics6 Bali pics5


  1. Sam says:

    Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos from Bali, what a fascinating destination and so beautiful. It was exciting to see all the different cultural elements portrayed through the decor and furniture. Thats such a sweet pic of you both 🙂 Looks like you had the loveliest relaxing time!

  2. What a lovely anniversary, Elly, you are living in an “always summer” part of the world, envy here (we are still in the winter :)))) you know). Me drooling, too! After such a weekend, you can start fresh, right? Kisses

  3. Rachel says:

    I can’t believe it’s a year since the wedding – happy anniversary! What a great way to spend it. Loving the beautiful photos xx

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